Did you know?
The Barn Owl can hunt by sound only, usually in the dead of the night. The barn owl can hear the heartbeat of a mouse at 100 feet.  When threatened, it does an aggressive "toe dusting," moving its head back and forth over its talons. alt

If you need to report an injured bird,
please do not send an email.
Instead, call us at 919-229-8449.
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The American Wildlife Refuge

4501 New Bern Avenue, Suite 130-333

Raleigh NC 27610

Phone: 919-229-8449

E-Mail: awrefuge@aol.com


About the Raleigh Raptor Refuge

Our Mission: to make a place for injured birds of prey and to educate the public about the nature of raptors.

The American Wildlife Refuge / Raleigh Raptor Refuge is a 501-C non-profit organization composed of all volunteers. Only licensed personnel or those accompanied by licensed personnel handle birds. We try to provide the necessary care to rehabilitate injured raptors and release them back into the wild. For birds that are unreleasable, we provide refuge facilities and are networked with other rehabbers and organizations to place birds.

We also provide educational shows and presentations to the public. Private shows and presentations for educational or youth groups are available for a nominal fee, and can be tailored to your curriculum. All proceeds from shows and any and all donations are spent entirely on the care and feeding of the birds and the maintaining of the refuge organization. No salaries or fees are paid to the volunteers.

Veterinary care is generously provided to the American Wildlife Refuge Raptor Refuge by Dr. Dan Johnson of Avian and Exotic Wildlife.

Courses and presentations through NC wildlife resources Commission are taught at the NC Wildlife Centennial Campus Education Center1751 Varsity Dr. Raleigh, NC 27606. For information see our events page or contact us or call the NC WIldlife Resources Commission's educational coordinator, Beth Gunn at 919-707-0205

Courses at through the NC College System are taught at Wake Technical Community College Northern Wake Campus at 6600 Louisburg Road Raleigh NC 27616. For information on these classes, see our events page, or contact us, or call the educational coordinator for Wake Tech. College, Mike Langar at 919-532-5526 or visit the website at conted.waketech.edu